Alastair Method: Future Log and More

The recording for yesterday’s session is now available to Team Analog! If you’re interested in learning more about this method, where it came from, and the variations of it, this is for you. I even turn on a desk cam and set one up for my own Future Log.

Thanks for putting all in one place!
Looks like you’ve been working really hard. This can’t be easy. Your efforts are much appreciated!

I also wanted to let you know @joebuhlig that since you have been doing Twitch videos, my Bullet Journal game has grown exponentially. I don’t have stickers, but there is Color :wink:

I am so glad you are doing this right now at this time.
Thank you, sir!


Thanks, @Bacigirl! Appreciate the feedback greatly. And I’m thrilled your BuJo game is on point. :fountain_pen: :notebook:

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