[Beta] Why No Apps?

I love the premise of this course, getting away from locking your data into proprietary systems and instead opting for file types (and types of storage) that keep your data under your control. Very much looking forward to help with building a system like that.

A small comment I have in your first video is that the cut-away shots (the stock footage) don’t add anything to what you are saying and are therefore distracting. I can understand you are trying to offer your audience some variation besides looking at your mug the entire time :slight_smile:, but why not for instance add text to your left with a bullet list of things you are saying or simple headings of the specific topic/reason to stay away from proprietary software as you are discussing it? It would help the viewer keep track of what you saying. Just a thought,

Looking forward to the rest!

This is solid and exactly what I was trying to do. I’ll re-edit this one going down that path. It’s very similar to the thoughts in my head for later videos anyway. So, that Khoi, for mentioning it.


I attended your webinar yesterday about file formats and was intrigued by the topic of this course so I signed up.

The first video was a good introduction, but I can understand the prior comment about the cutaways being distracting.

Will an e-mail be sent when additional course updates are made?

I signed your course.

I am hopeful for the next classes.

What I want most is a Knowladge Base in the SplitBox style, but without being stuck in a proprietary system.

It is essential for me to have an option to save content in an inbox within Share options on iOs or Mac Safari.