Decreasing Granularity in GTD

Contexts are forever a sticking point for new adopters of Getting Things Done (GTD), but they are also an extremely popular discussion point for long-time practitioners, including myself. They are highly personal and dependent on your daily routines, hardware, software, lifestyle, personality, company policies, and hair color. And that means there are just as many variations on how to use them.

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Tenets, not tenants.
Signed, That Guy

Nice catch! Just fixed it.

I think that the problem of getting too granular in OmniFocus can be solved by keeping project task lists in TaskPaper and putting a shortcut to those *.taskpaper files in the notes field.

When you want to work on a specific project, you flag that in OmniFocus for your daily actions, and then pull up the relevant TaskPaper document to zone in on its various tasks. Those tasks don’t have to be tagged, and the document can be more free-form and free-flowing.

This replicates Kourosh Dini’s approach of having a “master task” for a project (sometimes outside of it) that links to the specific tasks in a project, except it’s done with TaskPaper and is not contained only within OmniFocus.

What do you think about this approach, Joe?

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I can definitely see this being effective. I’m starting to keep more and more notes in nvUltra (I’m on the beta). So linking to my lists from OmniFocus might be a thing in the future. But right now, they’re completely separate.

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Ah nice! Does nvULTRA make it easier to tick off tasks in checklist format? I regularly nvALT myself but for notes and ideas, not for task lists.

I don’t think that part has changed much. I’ll do some testing and let you know.