Impulse: Centralizing All The Things

I’ve been terrible at this. I see a new system. I implement the said system. And I cobble together all the pieces around it. And that means I drag you through the process of trying to figure out how it all works together.

It’s time to play clean up. I’ve set up a new avatar for myself, had a brand logo made, and I’m now working to centralize my online work.

So I’m setting up a single point of truth for everything:

From here, I’m maintaining a calendar of events. I’m posting all the new recordings, videos, blog posts, and newsletters there as well.

This will be the central hub for everything I do online. And I hope it makes things easier for you. It will take time to get things right, but we’ll get there. Thanks for hanging in there with me. :wink:

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All The Things

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