Impulse: 📓 Getting Started With a Brand New Bullet Journal for 2021

We all know that New Year’s resolutions are silly. They seem like a wonderful idea and with a clean start on the calendar, it seems like the perfect time to try new things and set goals for aspirations. And yet, it’s common knowledge (and a bit of a joke) that the bulk of these will be broken within a couple of weeks.

These are facts we know and facts we ignore. Myself included.

I’m not one to set new exercise or meditation goals, but I will decide to use a new tool around this time. And in my case, I’m exploring the use of Basecamp for managing my collaborative projects at my day job. I’m curious to see if it will help improve our communication issues.

But personally, I’m trying the Theme Your Year concept via my Bullet Journal. I haven’t been one to set a theme for the year, but 2020 taught me many lessons. And one of those lessons was that I need a little more direction and routine in my life. In a word, Foundations.

That’s my theme for the year. But I’m also managing this a bit differently. It’s my usual custom to write this down and forget about it. This time, it’s becoming a part of my Bullet Journal Monthly Migration. GTD taught me that Weekly Reviews are not for me. Bullet Journaling taught me that Monthly Reviews (migrations) work great. Thus, I’m adding a review of my theme to that process.

Note: I’ll be detailing exactly how I’m doing this on an upcoming Analog Joe session.

And if you want to see my 2021 Bullet Journal setup, you can check out this video showing the entirety of it.

Happy New Year!

Getting Started With a Brand New Bullet Journal for 2021 [Video]

It’s time to set up a brand new notebook for my Bullet Journal. This is a stream recording from 20201228.

Bookworm 109: Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam

How we socialize has changed significantly. Today’s author has studied American social behavior over the decades and shows how our shrinking social capital poses a serious threat to our civic and personal health. Join Joe & Mike as they consider the ways in which we connect, the role of technology, and how we can build community effectively – even in the midst of a global pandemic.

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