Impulse: How Do You Beta Test A Video Course?

TLDR; My new video course, Working Without Apps, is now available for preorder and beta testing! $9.95 if buy right now. $14.95 when the course is complete and launched.

A few months ago, I started the process of formalizing my brand and the type of content to share online. Historically, I’ve been an OmniFocus guy. That’s been my focus and for a good reason. It’s a tool I love and love to expand. OmniFocus is recently back in my tool kit, but it’s only a small piece of a bigger picture that has been slowly coming together.

That picture is one focused on anti-proprietary tools. Apps, services, and physical devices that don’t lock us in to a set nomenclature and a, potentially, temporary file format/extension that doesn’t play nice with other tools.

This anti-proprietary way of life is not one I see talked about much, but it’s one that I’ve been working towards for a couple years now. It expresses itself through privacy concerns, a want for text file foundations, and a focus on portability when examining a new app. Namely, I’m ok with a specific nomenclature being used by software, but please make it easy for me to move. I don’t want to be locked in.

It’s this thinking that has allowed me to build an entire set of workflows around raw files that don’t require a certain app to use. Think of it like an email client. You have a base set of files (emails) and you can choose from a bank of tools to work with and access those files (Outlook, MailMate, Gmail). That’s the thinking that creates the foundation under my notes, ideas, outlines, sketches, and presentation workflows.

And those are the workflows I’m sharing in my upcoming course, Working Without Apps.

The trick here is that I wanted to experiment. I’ve often see the phrase, “Build in public” and I wanted to try building this in public. But what does that mean when we’re talking about a video course? I can’t record the videos in public and edit them live?

But what I can do is work on outlines in public, record/edit in private, and then release each video as it’s complete. However, this only works if we have a feedback mechanism for each video and I have to prepared to re-edit each video after the feedback is shared. Thus, I’ve created a dedicated category on for this.

So, here’s how this works. For anyone who preorders the course, you get $5 off the price and access to the entire course from the beginning. You can watch the videos as the come and offer feedback on each video in the Discourse. I’ll make edits to help improve each video as the course is being built. And once the inquiries subside and the final outline is fulfilled, we’ll launch the course at the full $14.95 price.

That’s the plan. It’s public and likely to change. But that’s the plan. Hit reply and let me know I’m off my rocker. :wink:

Thanks, Team!


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