Impulse: Motivation, Procrastination, and ADHD

A diagnosis has many ramifications. It brings peace from knowing what you’re up against. It gives clarity in understanding the past. And it can guide you in your plan for the future.

But it also exposes the past.

A while back I wrote to you about my ADHD diagnosis. And many of you hit reply and told me about your experience in being diagnosed as neurodivergent. It gave me a calmness and full heart that I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. For that, I thank you.

At the same time, there were many of these stories that alluded to the process of learning about intention derailment and lack of follow-through. In both cases, I’m 100% in the boat with you.

However, I’m not one to let things go without excessive research, so I embarked on a deep dive into motivation and the causes behind procrastination.

I wish I could tell you the one thing that solves motivation problems in ADHD folks, but it’s way too diverse. And procrastination isn’t far behind.

You can do a lot of searching for answers here, but one article I found to be the most helpful is by none other than James Clear. He put together this massive, scientific exposition on motivation. And it has been a go-to resource for me in this process.

That said, I’ll be walking through what I’ve learned and what I still struggle with on stream today at 1 PM Central.

If you struggle with these or just have questions, hit me up live today.

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