Impulse: What To Do On Your Birthday

Should you work? Stay home? Play with your kids all day? Lay on the couch and watch TV? How about building in to your online audience?

I don’t know what the expectation is, but I’m doing some of all of those. 😉

So let’s start here:

Since today is my birthday, here’s a present for you! (That’s how this works, right?) If you’ve wanted to join Team Analog, but the price is a bit high, use the code happybirthday. That’ll get you 20% off for life. But it’s only valid today!

Sidenote: If committing to three months or more is too much and you want to try month-to-month, note the smaller text below the pricing tiers. 👍

Also, if you saw the new course that was released by The Sweet Setup yesterday and you want to learn more about managing your email in a solid, calm way, jump in early so you can get the 20% discounted launch price. And if you use this link, I’ll get a affiliate commission as well.

Finally, I’m taking this afternoon off from my day job to do a live stream of setting up my October Bullet Journal spread. If that’s of interest to you, join me at 1 pm Central today here.

Thanks again, Team!

Stay Calm

I’ve seen a ton of information on the web about choosing and using email apps and systems. I’ve even debated making a course about it from time to time. But I never felt like I was the right person to put it together. Thankfully, The Sweet Setup just launched (note: this is an affiliate link) just a course and I can tell you that it’s well worth your time and dollars.

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Again, happy birthday! I need to set up my October bullet journal as well, so I will join you today.