Impulse: When A Shooting Hits Home

I sat down mid-morning and started writing this newsletter about mechanical keyboards. I think they have a valuable place in a remote worker’s toolbox. But as I finished the first paragraph, a member of our church walked in and told us briefly that there had been a shooting at a local medical clinic. It was less than a mile from where I stood.

The five hours following have been a mess of prayer, planning, texting, and calling. And now, I’m coming up for air and trying to process what happened.

There are a lot of details we don’t know about the situation and that’s not the point here. You can search for “Buffalo shooting” and you’ll find all the details. But what is important are the people involved. And there are a lot of angry, scared, and nervous people in our little community. We’re small-town Minnesota, right? This doesn’t happen here, right? But it did.

And that’s where the opportunity lies. We don’t get to choose what happens to us and we don’t get to choose who hurts us? But we can choose our response to those actions.

This is a lesson I try to teach my girls each day and I often feel like I’m failing at that. But I press on. And this is another example of that. I didn’t choose for people in my community to get hurt. And I certainly didn’t choose to have a shooting happen. But in this case, because it’s so close to home, I get the chance to help directly.

If you follow Bookworm, you know that a theme that shows up regularly is the correct response to stress. Many authors talk about the need to connect with others when we are fearful, stressed, and worried. It’s the connection that helps us process and move on. We may not like the situation and we can’t change it. But connecting with others is the answer to dealing with it. Well, that and prayer. 😉

So that’s the plan. That’s the step forward. And because I’m the IT Director at our church, I get the opportunity to have an impact on this little community in ways I normally wouldn’t. And I’m doing everything in my power to say, “yes” to helping as much as I can and avoid the easy answer to stay home and worry.

Know that my family and I are safe. But I also want you to know that I’m not watching from the sidelines. And my prayers go out to you if you’re connected to this in some way.

Thanks for processing with me. 🤗

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