My Fountain Pen Collection

PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Medium Nib

This was one of the first fountain pens I purchased and it’s still a solid, smooth workhorse for me.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen (17F) Umber + 5 Black Ink Cartridges

This is an excellent beginners fountain pen. This was my main pen for a few years.

TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen nib F

My main pen today. This one goes everywhere my backpack goes and is the one that does 90% of my fountain pen writing.

Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen, Black, Fine Nib

A gift from a friend. I’ve been considering this as a pocket pen that I carry. But I simply can’t bring myself to abusing a fountain pen the way I do my pocket pens.

Monteverde Invincia Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen, Broad Nib

I keep a broad nib on this beast. It’s great for writing titles and calligraphy like letters.

Revolución II: Handcrafted writing tools for revolutionaries by Chad Schumacher

Another gift from a friend. You can’t buy these. But I love the feel it has in the hand. Very well balanced.

TWSBI ECO Transparent Green Fountain Pen F nib

TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple Fountain Pen F nib

These two ECOs were given to me by the one and only Nib Grinder. He put a CSI grind on the green one and an architect grind on the purple. In the future, I’m seriously looking at the architect grind all the way.

TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Purple Fountain Pen Nib M

Another gift. Mine is in the Prussian Blue, but this purple one is the closest link I could find on Amazon. Love the feel of this one compared to the standard 580.

Noodler’s Black Waterproof Fountain Pen Ink - Bulletproof, 3 ounce With 2pcs ink container

This was the first bottle of ink I purchased and it stills serves me really well. People make fun of me for recommending it but I’m yet to see it have an issue in any pen.

TWSBI 1791 Ink 18ml, 6pack

This sampler pack came from Nib Grinder again. And thanks to this pack, colored inks are slowly making their way into my lineup.