OmniFocus Auto-Parser

I love it when my systems do things automatically. In this case, I can capture an idea for a someday/maybe list and it ends up in the right place in OmniFocus.

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I absolutely love this! Closes a major omission that was even making me glance longingly at 2Do for a moment.

That script works fine for as added directly on the OF toolbar.

However, I get an error when trying to run it even manually from within Hazel? Set up exactly as shown in this article.

Unable to run script on this folder.

Permissions issue or any other ideas?

Thanks again!


Great to hear!

I’ve been running it from the toolbar. Hazel seems to only work sporadically for me and I’m not sure why.

Make sure you either use the Hazel file handler wrapper on the script if it’s not embedded. If that doesn’t make sense, just embed this in the rule.

Thanks. Running the script embedded worked for now!

This is ideal for me as 90% of my OmniFocus use is on my iPad.

I noticed that same issue of Hazel not always running the script. I added a delay of 20 seconds at the top of the embedded script and it now runs every time for me. I assume that the issue is related to the script running before OmniFocus finishes syncing.

Got it. I didn’t think it was running at all. But to be honest, I didn’t look into it very deep. I’ll look into adding a delay.

I think this would help with a use case I’ve been struggling with. But, is there any shortcut method for remembering the input syntax? Methinks I’ll get it wrong by 1% at least 99% of the time = fail.

Can Drafts create prompts like Workflow does?

When the OmniGroup came out with the URL Scheme for OmniFocus on iOS it largely invalidated the need for the Auto-Parser. That’s especially true for Drafts. Try doing something along these lines:


For reference:

I use gmail, and have recently become enamored with Google Apps scripts. I have a couple that create the Omnifocus url schemes with action name, project, tags, due & defer dates, the link to the email in notes (along with whatever else based on the email, write them to a shell script that gets put into a google drive folder. Hazel sees the file, renames it and kicks off a shell script that changes the permissions and executes the file, opening each url.

The added bonus is that the apps scripts are server side on gmail, execute every x minutes or hours, and can use various parameters to send to OF. You can build tasks off labels created by filters (rules), then change the labels. You can set dates, tags, etc based on parsed content from the email. I also have scripts that have run based on manually applied labels like OF Tomorrow or OF Next Week. Since it runs server side at gmail, it works from any gmail client. If your Mac isn’t running, it will catch up when it is, or you could run a workflow in Shortcuts.

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I only just recently came across this script (after hearing Automators episode 30)
Looking at the current script I have a question: would it be able to do the OF3 multiple tags?
If yes, what would I need to change in the script to do that?

I’ve not tested it, but I believe you can add multiple tags like so:

--Fix bathroom wiring! @Tag1 @Tag2 @Tag3 ::House/Car - SA #friday #next monday $30 min //It’s driving me crazy.

I’ll try tomorrow! Thanks Joe

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Tried it and it works, adding the tags via

@Tag1 @Tag2

did the trick.

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