SearchLink Broke My Writing Workflow

A couple of months ago I mentioned my use of Ulysses along with a few other tricks to develop a writing habit. And that has worked great… for a time. That is, it worked until I saw this tweet by Brett Terpstra.

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First off: it’s very cool that you’ve got discourse intimately linked to your blogging!

related concept is _sub_goals of one’s writing or more general the project specification. I currently rely on TaskPaper for that. When I write a document, I typically create a new linked TaskPaper document, which has my riding goals.

My TaskPaper template is:

# Meta:

# Requirements, rationale, objectives/goals and constraints of this conceptual artifact:

# Decisions:

# Tasks :

# Plan / Strategy:

Although TaskPaper doesn’t support markdown, the “:” syntax lets you treat any paragraph as a header.

This is a short form of a general project template of mine – downsized from OmniOutliner that I used to use.

I preview my blog posts (and all other markdown files) in Brett Terpstra’s Marked2 app, which has a word count at the bottom.