Sometimes An Impulse Strikes Back

I graduated college in 2009 with an Agribusiness degree. It was an exciting time for me since I was taking a job to work in soybean seed research and the agriculture industry was booming. But one thing I had to do before I graduated was something much less glamorous. I needed to stop using my school email address and set up something a little more long-term.

And at that time, I was already aware that a address wasn’t going to cut it. So I set up my first Google account and began using my Gmail address for personal use. No big deal, right?

Fast-forward five years and we come to the time when I started my blog. It was an interesting side gig to me and it’s plain that I had no idea what I was doing. Nonetheless, that fun little project has helped me build many friendships and has encouraged me to become a better person. So I’m grateful for that impulse back in 2014.

Any online personality will tell you that having consistent usernames and URLs is vital. It makes the process of discovery much easier for your audience. And that’s exactly what I did in 2014. I opened every social media account I had and made joebuhlig my username.

It wasn’t until about three weeks ago that I discovered an issue with this.

Many of you have subscribed to my YouTube channel. And I’m grateful that you’ve done so because it has grown to the point that I could put a custom URL on the channel and make it easier to find. That’s when I found the problem. My joebuhlig URL was already taken!

This dumbfounded me. Of all the places, YouTube is the one I wouldn’t be able to get my username? No one has my name!

But after digging a bit more, I learned that it was me who had claimed it! :man_facepalming:

When I went through all my accounts in 2014 and changed my usernames, I had done exactly that on my Google account. And apparently, I had done it with the YouTube channel associated with that Google account.

And to make it even worse, Google hasn’t exactly made the process of moving a custom URL to another channel even remotely easy, if it’s possible at all.

That left me with a simple decision. I could either wait until my new channel reached 10,000 subscribers and submit an appeal to the YouTube team, or I could cut my losses now and switch to my old channel and start over.

I chose the latter.

But that leaves things in a bit of a mess. I have two channels out there. One with legacy videos and one with a couple of live streams.

That means that in the upcoming weeks, you’ll see those move to the official channel that I’m keeping and the old one will disappear.

Soooo… care to subscribe again?

I know this is a pain, but it’s for the better. You can find me on YouTube here:

Thanks, Team!


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