Top Tools for Eliminating Resistance to The GTD Weekly Review

The GTD Weekly Review is likely one of the most talked about and most resisted aspects of following the GTD methodology. And it makes sense. It takes time to do it right and it requires thinking at a level that is less than enjoyable.

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Per “Keeping Tools Up To Date” section I’m using “MacUpdater” (free to scan, $10 to use it for updating). I haven’t found anything close to the ease this provides to keep my tools (apps) up to date.

Also as to “…need to remove as much resistance to the process…” “Keyboard Maestro” (there’s a great MacSparky’s Field Guide as well which helps to get started and is needed if you go deep and are not a coder) can automate so much that mundane maintainancy stuff starts to be fun. I’ve found making your own palettes for controls for each well used app or workflow to be an excellent way to think through and refine your process.