Working With OmniFocus 3.0 Is Here! (plus some extras)

Well, folks, it’s time. Working With OmniFocus 3.0 is officially available!

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Thank you Joe. How do I use the code given during the ‘Learn Omnifocus’ session ?


When you get to the screen for putting in a credit card number, there’s a link there for a Coupon Code.

Thanks for watching the Learn OmniFocus session!

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I’m enjoying the OF3.0 course but struggling to get the Alfred workflows introduced in video 6 to work. I’ve search-replaced my username for joebuhlig in the file paths and substituted nvAlt for nvUltra as recommended (also realised that the projects and notes folders have to pre-exist). Trying to run a slightly modified version of the script in ScriptDebugger the offending line seems to be

tell application "OmniFocus"
tell document of front window
	set theProject to make new project with properties {name:projectText}

I’ve attached a screenshot: it appears OF is looking for parameters that haven’t been supplied? (By no means an expert so may be misinterpreting this: also not sure if this is relevant but running OF 3.4.4 (v128.14.5 r337493)

Would like to get this working!

Quick update here: I’ve got this working now with a couple of tweaks that might be useful to others…

  1. Firstly a quick gotcha for those of us still using nvAlt and not nvUltra: the former isn’t as markdown aware as presumably Ultra will be, so you have to add “.md” to the recognised extensions in nvAlt’s preferences or even if the file’s been created it won’t appear in the search

  2. I don’t really understand why/how this fixes the problem I was having above, but drawing from other online examples I replaced the two lines at the point at which the error occurred in the screenshot above

     tell application "OmniFocus"
         tell document of front window
         end tell
     end tell


tell front document of application "OmniFocus"

(i.e. removing one tell…end tell nested level)

  1. The correct URL syntax for an external link to an nvAlt file appears in fact not to be “x-nvalt://find/…” but “nv://find/…” so you have to edit that line (the last line of this tell…end tell loop)

as far as I can tell is is now working as advertised!!

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Quick question::

I’m assuming the answer to this is “no” or you’d be doing it, but is it possible to use relative rather than absolute pathnames in the URLs created by this Alfred workflow (e.g. in the link placed in the note of the OmniFocus project to the projects folder?) I’m sure you can guess why I’m asking: I have work and home Macs with different home directory user names so that the absolute filename of a project created using this workflow when at work (and faithfully synced across to my home Mac’s OmniFocus) is incorrect for the home machine

I tried to go down that path as I have the potential for multiple Macs from time to time. But it didn’t seem like things worked correctly when I did so. Absolutes solved the problem and I didn’t investigate any further.