Zettelkasten... Huh? What? How?

I really like the (k)oncept. I like the one idea, one index card.
I’m totally confused by how to link it all — I get that branching, parent & child etc branches.

Where I fall, tumble & zonk out is the main frame o the Z. If you link by books & articles, how do you find recurring themes, ideas? Is there a main page. How do you know how things link?

I bet I’m missing something simple…

We did a session on this on Analog Joe. If you’re on Team Analog you can watch it here:


But the gist is that you have to choose to spend time with it daily. Otherwise those connections will be tough to find

Side note: I’m collecting ideas for a video on why most people don’t need a zettlekasten. :wink:

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